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Erik Gløersen

Dr Erik Gløersen is a senior consultant and director of the Paris located subsidiary Spatial Foresight France.

His work focuses on European territorial policies and the analysis of social and economic trends at the regional and local scales. He has extensive experience collecting and analyzing European data, as he has co-ordinated the compilation of the first pan-European database at municipal level as well as numerous other data gathering exercises.

The main objective of the quantitative work is to provide stakeholders and decision-makers with inputs that facilitate the dialogue and help designing more efficient policies. Communication is therefore of key importance. Beyond the technical mastery of geographic information systems (GIS) and graphic design software, Erik Gløersen has wide experience designing maps and figures that effectively communicate analytical results to non-specialists.

One field of particular interest is economic and social development in areas with geographic specificities such as mountains, islands and sparsely populated areas. Erik has coordinated a series of transnational projects on this theme, such as the European Commission study on Mountain regions, the Foresight process for the Northern Sparsely Populated Areas and the ongoing ESPON project on Territorial Diversity.

Erik Gløersen has eight years experience working for the Nordic research centre on territorial development Nordregio. In parallel to his activities for Spatial Foresight, he also works as a researcher at the University of Geneva. His academic qualifications include a PhD from the University of Rennes, an MA in Human Geography from the University of Sussex, a MA in Model Theory from the University of Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne and an MSc in Geographic Information Science from the French Ecole Nationale des Sciences Géographiques.


Phone: +33 6 89 82 05 94
E-mail: erik.gloersen@spatialforesight.eu

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