About Sabine Zillmer

Dr Sabine Zillmer

Dr Sabine Zillmer is a senior consultant and director of the Berlin located subsidiary Spatial Foresight Germany.

She focuses her work on regional and territorial policies and their territorial impacts. This is complemented by analyses of socio-economic trends at different territorial scales. She is highly experienced in the analysis of European data, development of policy advice and the management of applied research and consultancy projects. A special territorial focus of her work lies in the central and eastern European countries.

Sabine Zillmer is considerably experienced in developing policy advice, facilitating workshops and the management of applied research and consultancy projects. Her analysis tools combine qualitative and various quantitative methods effectively. This way she provides important contributions for the design of efficient regional and territorial policies.

She has worked as senior researcher at the Leibniz-Institute for Regional Development (IRS) in Germany. There she has gathered roughly 10 years of experience in research on applied and basic economic geography and regional economics research projects. She holds a PhD in agricultural sciences obtained at the Humboldt University of Berlin and a Diploma in economics from Göttingen University.


Phone: +49 (0)30 80 60 41 75  
E-mail: sabine.zillmer@spatialforesight.eu

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