About Jean Claude Zeimet

Dr Jean Claude Zeimet joined the Spatial Foresight team in 2018 as consultant and management assistant. He supports the overall administration and accounting, and facilitates the process dimension in various assignments, e.g. when it comes to moderation and presentation techniques, participative approaches or process monitoring. 

He studied social and organisational pedagogy at the University of Hildesheim (Germany), with particular focus on social administration and social planning, municipal social policy and occupational social work, and he holds a PhD in social science from the University of Luxembourg specialising in structures, commitment and motivation of informal (youth) communities. In parallel to his work at Spatial Foresight he is also active as associate lecturer at the University of Luxembourg.


Phone: +352 691 87 32 05
E-mail: jean-claude.zeimet@spatialforesight.eu

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