Spatial Foresight is a private consultancy and independent think tank in the area of European territorial policies and research, with its main office in Heisdorf (Luxembourg) and branch offices in Berlin (Germany) and Paris (France).


Dr Kai Böhme

+352 691 87 32 49

Dr Kai Böhme is director of Spatial Foresight. He specialises in European regional and territorial research and policies, international comparative studies in the fields of regional policies, spatial planning, and in the territorial impacts of sector policies.  more

Dr Sabine Zillmer

+49 (0)30 80 60 41 75

Dr Sabine Zillmer is a senior consultant and director of the Berlin located subsidiary Spatial Foresight Germany GmbH. She focuses her work on regional and territorial policies and their territorial impacts.  more

Dr Erik Gløersen

+33 6 89 82 05 94

Dr Erik Gløersen is a senior consultant and director of the Paris located subsidiary Spatial Foresight France. His work focuses on European territorial policies and the analysis of social and economic trends at the regional and local scales.   more

Dr Silke N. Haarich

+49 176 538 460 30

Dr Silke N. Haarich is a senior consultant at Spatial Foresight since 2012. She specialises in strategy design and evaluation of regional development strategies and programmes, especially in the field of cohesion policy, innovation strategies and entrepreneurial support.more

Christian Lüer

+49 (0)151 165 338 34

Christian Lüer is a senior consultant at Spatial Foresight. His work focuses on territorial governance, territorial impacts of EU sector policies and development trends at various scales and instruments for territorial cooperation.  more

Sandra Spule

+352 691 87 32 09

Sandra Spule has joined the Heisdorf office of the Spatial Foresight Gmbh in 2018 in a role of a Senior Consultant. more

Dr Jean Claude Zeimet

+352 691 87 32 05

Dr Jean Claude Zeimet is a consultant and management assistant at Spatial Foresight since 2019. more

Maria Toptsidou

+352 691 87 32 06

Maria Toptsidou is a consultant at Spatial Foresight. She joined the team in 2013. Among her main professional interests lie the European Cohesion Policy and the European Territorial Cooperation, with a particular interest in macro-regional strategies. more

Frank Holstein

+352 691 87 32 04

Frank Holstein is a junior consultant at Spatial Foresight since September 2013. He joined the team after graduation of the joint master course PLANET Europe. His work focuses on territorial governance, territorial impact of EU policies and workshop facilitation more

Sebastian Hans

+352 691 87 32 07

Sebastian Hans is a junior consultant at Spatial Foresight since autumn 2015. He recently graduated from the master programme in Geography and Spatial Planning at the University of Luxembourg. more

Clément Corbineau

+33 6 76 02 03 98

Clément Corbineau is a junior consultant at Spatial Foresight since February 2017. He holds a Master degree in mapping and data analysis from University Paris 1 – National School of geographical Science (France). more

Flavio Besana

+352 691 87 32 00

Flavio Besana joined Spatial Foresight in April 2019 as a PhD student for the Horizon 2020 RE-City Innovative Training Network: reviving shrinking cities more