Spatial Foresight is turning ten

Dear colleagues, partners, friends, readers,

Spatial Foresight celebrates its 10 years anniversary in 2017. Ten years full of hard work, of more than 100 projects and more than 200 publications. Ten years of travels, presentations, workshop preparations and team meetings. And ten years of around 3 000lt of coffee and of fun being in a multicultural working team. And of course, of great cooperation with partners and clients.

We, at Spatial Foresight, would like to share with you what these ten years mean to us and how our life has been all these ten years. From who we are and where we started from to where our journey might continue. And we would like to introduce you part of our work and our everyday life. This story, our story of these ten years, you find in ten chapters below and in a short video spacially made for our anniversary celebration.

Definitely, these ten chapters signinfying our first ten years are just the beginning. There will be more chapters to be written in our storybook in the future!

Thank you for being part of this journey. Enjoy the reading!
Your Spatial Foresight team!

Ten years in ten chapters

So, what have we done in these ten years? Have you ever thought how the life of a consultant at Spatial Foresight has looked liked during the past ten years? If you'd like to figure out, check the interactive presentation below.

After clicking on the presentation, you can navigate with the keyboard arrow to the right to get a feeling of those first ten years! For a better view, click on the fullscreen icon!

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It's showtime! How would ten years of Spatial Foresight's life look like if in a movie? What would be the top topics to present? We prepared a short video showing all these ten years to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Spatial Foresight's blockbuster '10 years Spatial Foresight - the movie' starring team members, partners and clients premiers here. Enjoy!


To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Spatial Foresight organised an innovative and interactive workshop. A workshop with inspiring colleagues to provoke thinking out of the box, stimulate food for thought and develop creative ideas.

How might Europe evolve over the next years? Or how can your work influence Europe's future? In times where an EU vision is necessary, Spatial Foresight invited partners and clients to answer these questions and re-discover Europe. The aim of the workshop was to discuss different European visions and how the role of European bodies, public authorities, researchers and consultants will be influenced.



Sounds like 'been there-seen that' ? Not true. Each participant had to forget about his actual role, profession, even name (!) and take part in an innovative, real life simulation role playing game! Curious to see how that worked and what has been discussed? Check the workshop's past event page here and stay tuned for more updates in autumn!